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Re: Laetitia Casta: Babe of the week #28 (July 2011)

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Not being European or French, yes. The last name I think I could do but the first name I've little clue on how to say that correctly.
"Not being European"?

What the... fuck? Do you think we magically know how to speak other people's languages? Italians, Germans, British, Spaniards, we all automatically know how to speak French?

And "Laetitia", it's just "Letitia" with a slightly different spelling. Are you seriously telling me that you can't pronounce "Letitia"?
The "ae" threw me off, further knowing she was French so I was partly expecting different use of letters and sounds.

As for the European thing, I just generally think that being a multi-lingual part of the world people living in Europe may have more exposure and familiarity with the French language. So, excuse me, for not living in an area where I get to hear French a lot and know how to speak French-inspired names.
LOL, what do you think Europe is? Germans speak German, French speak French, the Brits speak British, the Spanish speak Spanish, Italians speak Italian.

That's like presupposing that every American can speak Spanish just because there are so many of them crossing the border.
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