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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

My questions are: Isn't a Voyager relaunch supposed to be about the Voyager characters. I mean, we have 4 main characters missing and a lot of characters involved who weren't on Voyager in the TV series instead. Wouldn't it be better if a Voyager relaunch were about the Voyager characters and the others could show up from time to time?

Wasn't it a mistake to kill off Janeway in the first place? After all, she's the main character of Voyager and a very good main character too.

When Janeway is back (note my never ending hope ), maybe it's possible to create a role for her which gives her a possibility to be the one in charge of the ship. As I see it, making her an Admiral was a big mistake from those in charge of the TV series. Janeway's destiny is to explore space, not behind a desk.

(Personally I will demote her back to Captain in an upcoming fan-fiction story but that's another deal!)
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