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Re: Laetitia Casta: Babe of the week #28 (July 2011)

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I get to hear French a lot because I work with some French people. It's not like I get to hear on the streets.
I do, plenty of French people around here. But then again France is only 30km from here.

It's way more likely to hear French on the streets in, say, New Orleans, LA than in Rome or London or Berlin.
I highly doubt that to be honest. Too many tourists around. I hear different languages all the time. But maybe that's just me living in a pretty international environment and being friends with people from all over Europe. But still I'm sure that there's more of a language mix in Europe than in the US (on average).

And Trekker does have a point about Europeans being more likely to be multilingual than Americans.

Americans don't speak Foreign.

You have really funny ideas about Europe.
Oh, no doubt.
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