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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

The first half of transformers was way better than Green Lantern... But once the agenda became clear, that the Decepticons wanted a slave force of 6 billion humans i had to scratch my head. Given their technology, humans would only slow down any tech or project they had a thousand fold.

And how do they get all those slaves?

by frakking the earth.


Killed all our slaves.

However I did marvel that they called what happened on the darkside of the moon an "Event" then that Decepticons had been guiding and controlling human government and industry for the last 40 years and then that their game plan was to teleport a small planet into Earths orbit.


(The event copied the transformer cartoon from the 80s first.)

You know who when they did Evil dead II, That they remade all of the first movie to be played during the opening credits because it was just that uneventful? Green Lantern had about 10 to maybe 15 minutes of worthwhile story before they brang out the beef.

No beef.
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