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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- because I just don't get the hate for BD --

I loved Before Dishonor! Nobody mentions Spock in this thread -- seeing Spock, Seven, the Planet Eater, the callback to PD's earlier Borg novel, the evolved Borg all wrapped around the threat to Earth and last but not least the perfectly horrible, ironically and almost Shakespeareanly tragic downfall of Janeway in the worst manner possible (I loved Janeway and Voyager, and I was sad about but totally jaw-droppingly enthralled with her fate) -- these things were all so appealing and made for a super-page turner like very few of the post-Nemesis books have been for me (though I have read and liked them all to various degrees).

So, just to keep the balance a bit lest some people get the idea that BD is universally reviled - I just wanted to comment and say I couldn't put it down, Pluto-eating and all. Second to me only to the Destiny trilogy in the best of post-Nemesis Trek!

Forgive my over-adverbification.
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