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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Venardhi wrote: View Post
I imagined a younger Claudia Black.
Damn you. I'll find it hard to picture her as anything else now.

Out Of My Vulcan Mind wrote: View Post
There are candid pics of Christie where she looks more plain than in the carefully lit headshot. I think she'll be a good physical match for Brienne. Robin Weigert can look much more attractive than she did in Deadwood after all.
Huh. The stockiness I guess is important to me. Maybe Christie will put on a few pounds? I don't know, I want a thicker neck...

It was a good performance but he simply wasn't Robert the same way that Gethin Anthony simply wasn't Renly and Lena Heady wasn't Cersei. They've essentially created new characters to fill the roles and the names. Robert was closer than the other two, but I never once bought him as having once been the Robert Ned describes growing up with and fighting alongside in the books.
Eh. I never felt the distinctions were that severe, although I kind of see where people are coming with them. The thing about Robert is he's no longer the man Ned once fought with, he's a fat, drunken old sod. Eddard's perspective chapters are strongly coloured by the Robert he used to know, and it takes Sansa's rather flippant dismissal of the King for him to see more clearly. Perhaps Mark Addy seventeen years ago wouldn't be a good fit for Robert during his Rebellion, but he worked just fine for now.

And while I get why some people have an issue with Renly (being afraid of blood?), his charisma was something of an informed attribute. He's a frivolous vainglorious twit even in the books, fiddling in Highgarden with his Rainbow Guard and actually convinced his brother will support his claim.

Found Cersei pretty dead on, really. I forget what problem people had with the character - the Robert/Cersei scene, I think, which I found one of the show's early highlights. The objection being it didn't fit the canon statements of the private lives of Robert and Cersei's marriage, which I think is taking Cersei at her word a little too much - both in that scene, and her own chapters (as unreliable narrators go she's close to the worst int he series). But eh.

To turn things on their head, Kit Harrington never really fit the Jon Snow in my head. He was too dour, and he never seemed as sharp mentally. Conversely, Richard Madden surpassed the rather bland Robb of the novels... as if I'd have been happier if they swapped roles.
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