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Re: Star Trek TV Series To 3-D - CBS possible Conversion

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2D provides an experience that feels "right." It enables a wonderful means by which a story can be told, which creates an illusion in the mind of the viewer. 3D works in some special respects, but not most.
I think conversion of TNG or any other Trek TV series or TOS feature films would be very gimmicky.

I think that shooting the next Trek TV series in stereoscopic 3-D for the live action and the CGI fully rendered in 3-D would really take a TV series to the next level.
from the Could the next Trek TV series be shot in 3-D? thread:
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3D might spark more interest in visual/action based TV shows.

And in that way, 3D might be the thing that drags Star Trek back onto the small screen.
It would always be available almost immediately in 2D high definition from such places as iTunes store,, and months later as full seasons in Blu-Ray in 2D & 3-D. CBS would not make it 3-D only and no way to purchase a 2D version.
Too much money to lose out on...

As far as 2D ruining the illusion in the mind of the viewer just watching in HD sometimes does it:from the TOS-R season 1 Blu-Ray
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Pindar wrote:
I am staring at zippers in costumes instead officers in uniforms.
Instead of concentrating on the episode I was being pulled out of it by seeing zips and fasteners.
It is the Catch-22.
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