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Re: Star Trek TV Series To 3-D - CBS possible Conversion

They're trying to do 3D technology without the glasses now. In theory, it sounds interesting, but in reality it is not. I saw it displayed on a new cellphone, the EVO 3D. It looks like those hologram postcards that shift the image as you move it, but a terrible version of it. Even if they get it to the point where it looks good, it's just bizarre. Has Hober stated, it becomes a matter of what the eyes can focus on. It isn't elegant by any means.

The physics are undeniable. Outside of an actual hologram, in order to properly see a 3D projection you need to have special glasses. A true hologram is a technology that is still quite a number of years away. And even still, it presents a big problem: A movie is about directing what your eyes see. If you can see everything, then your eyes aren't directed. You lose the substance of what the movie intends to show. So, I really don't think holographic technology will ever really make it as a viable entertainment medium for something like a movie. It will be terrific as an educational tool or for documentaries.

No... 2D provides an experience that feels "right." It enables a wonderful means by which a story can be told, which creates an illusion in the mind of the viewer. 3D works in some special respects, but not most. And quite frankly, at home it's seriously tedious, having to take off the glasses anytime you do something away from the TV and then put them back on when you resume watching.
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