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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

Sci fi would be a much better test case than soaps, which don't have nearly as high a % of online savvy audience (which is a double-edged sword due to increased risk of piracy).

A major hold-up with internet distribution of professionally produced series is that the ad revenue just isn't there. Sponsors are not willing to pay as much for online advertising as on TV.

LA Times on website soaps.

...the economics of such a move wouldn't be easy. Soap operas have large casts, writing staffs, producers and lots of sets. In other words, they're not cheap. A soap can cost as much as $50 million a year to produce.

The announcement from Prospect Park -- an entertainment company whose partners include former Disney executive Rich Frank that has aspirations of creating a Web entertainment giant -- was very sparse on the details of how it would pull off moving the two soaps from broadcast television to the Internet.


Both soaps average about 2.5 million viewers, a number that may be hard to reach online. Also advertising online is not as expensive as advertising on television.


Until the Internet as a distribution system and -- more important -- advertising on the Internet reach parity with television, the idea of network-like programming on the Web may be a plot better left to soap operas.
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