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Re: Sigils and Unions: Catacombs of Oralius--The Desolate Vigil

Wow!! What a wonderful surprise to see this review today!

I'm so glad you're liking it. Especially since your contest prompt awhile back directly inspired me to write this. of the things that is really tough to imagine going through is how quickly all of it happened. Literally within a 24-hour span his entire life disintegrated. I think that even though the AU Cardassians on Prime knew there was a war going on, there's a kind of denial people go through--so despite it all, when the war actually hit their world, it was still a horrific psychological shock.

The fears I had on 9/11 played a big part of writing this...except on AU Cardassia, it wasn't just one series of strikes. It kept coming and kept coming, kept getting worse and worse and worse without end. And it happened so horribly fast. Even a well organized, disciplined world, as I imagine even the AU Cardassians have, would be totally overwhelmed by an onslaught of that magnitude.

(I don't think organized Cardassian resistance ended overnight. I think that the largest cities, however, were hit swiftly and brutally, to take the "head" off of their ability to coordinate. A strike on command and control structures, in other words. Given the enormity of conquering a planet, that's the only way I can imagine it being done: destroy the fleet and orbital defenses, damage or destroy communications equipment, then hit the cities, consolidate those positions, and only then move out into the country and deal with the resistance there. Unless you're the Borg. But if you're NOT the Borg, you are in for serious business, and a long-haul battle if you try to conquer and hold a planet that does not want you there.)

I've actually never read Dune (though I kind of know what it's about), and never seen Falling Skies. But those are some very kind words.
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