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Showtime vs. Hulu Plus vs. Youtube Premium

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I think if someone were to try scifi as a subscription based model it would have to be a Battlestar Galactica series or Stargate or another big franchise with a built-in audience such as the next Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome.
I think you might be the first person to say BSG and SG are big franchises and Star Trek isn't.
AviTrek i was not saying anything about the size of Star Trek's fanbase or the Nielsen ratings of ENT or past Trek TV series ratings. I was referring to your quote of
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if soaps can make it work financially via an online only approach, then it's possible that someone will take a shot at a sci fi show next.
You did not mention CBS Television and I was not thinking that CBS Television would be the one to take a shot since its been said all over TrekBBS that the CBS Television executives that control the Star Trek TV property wouldn't want to put it on television right now and most likely not want to put it on the Internet right now as a new series.
So I was only discussing other properties of other studios that may be interested since they currently have series in production.

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with Temis arguing that Star Trek could attract 1m viewers to Showtime and pay $15/month subscription, I would think that Star Trek could draw viewers to an online first run show too.
That is pretty much the same thing as
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It all depends on what kind of audience Showtime wants to bring to itself and new subscribers.
Look what Sirius satellite radio did with Howard Stern a few years ago. It is possible Star Trek could be on a premium cable channel and the fans who don't want to pay the monthly fee can just by the DVD/Blu-ray 6-10 months later.
15/month for a subscription of a new Trek TV series for say 4 episodes (1 per week) is steep for only Trek.
I came up with this other thought for a subscription for say $5./month
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If people had the option say a special subscription in addition to Hulu Plus (already @ $9.95/month) of another $5. as a subscription to watch the next Trek TV series WITHOUT advertising would you do it?
Or if YouTube had it solely as a paid subscription.

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