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Re: I.S.S. Titan & I.S.S. Ares

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Awesome and good to know theres still a NCC-1701-D in your universe
That and Tasha has not had a senseless death. I may still do up the Ent-D with a re-fit or two to her. In the Dark Mirror universe the old girl is one tough ship with a tough captain.
Ah, yes I remember that book - one of my favorites, actually. I especially loved how the saucer section was described as having something of a "frown" to it. Not quite sure how that would look in an ortho, but I've always been curious what the ISS E-D looked like overall.

Addendum: Found the bit in the book where she's described - very well written:
The view on the screen flicked. Same starfield--but there was something in the center of it, very distant, that hadn't been there before: a small steel-gray speck. "Enlarge ten times," Picard said. The speck seemed to leap forward.

It was Enterprise. But not his Enterprise. It was a dark gray, even enlarged, a gunmetal color, cool and unfriendly. The design was overtly the same--the great sloped disk of the primary hull, the nacelles, the secondary hull, all where they should be. But the secondary hull seemed larger; the nacelles were raked farther forward, and lower. The primary hull's curve was deeper and now had a frowning look about it. If ships had expressions, this one had its eyes narrowed. It was a cruel look, and intimidating. Just visible, because of the rake of the primary hull, were the characters ICC-1701-D ISS ENT-- The rest was curved away out of sight.

Picard's heart seized at the sight of it. In a way, he had been hoping that everything that had happened so far might have some other answer. But the hope, he now saw, was in vain. The proof of the problem had come hunting them. He looked around, seeing the same unhappy look on everyone's face--and Troi still looked ashen.
This oughta be good!
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