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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

I've always thought the skiis on the onscreen version look silly and so very '50's. That's why I reinterpreted them as antigrav stabilizers and arranged them in a way so that from a distance they might still look close enough to what was seen onscreen, but now there is better and (I think) more interesting detail.

Yes there could be a longer version "out there" but I think it looks rather odd when it's that stretched out so I'm sticking with this approach---I think it looks more visually balanced overall.

Now it's a matter of adding a few more details: some service access panels around the hull and small details on the nacelles and landing struts. Then I'll put the views framed individually with styled sheets like I did with my TOS shuttlecraft drawings. Then I'll move onto some cross-section views although they won't be as elaborate as my those I'm doing for the Class F. I'd also like to do one or two perspective drawings and/or maybe even a photoshop version. When done then it's on to the heavy lander design.

I must say I rather like how I was able to take certain simplified elements of the onscreen design and make them look somewhat more credible. The aft bottom section that is slightly curved could be seen as evoking the Enterprise's secondary hull fantail (visually) below the hangar bay. The antigrav stabilizers attached to the landing struts replace the dated looking landing skids. The aft landing struts are angled a bit towards the back to evoke that splayed out look seen from the front three-quarters view onscreen. The concavity on the forward sides of the hull are only a simple elongated triangle onscreen. Overall I think it worked it well enough in being immediately recognizable and yet looking more detailed and believable.

I'd also really like to see this done as a 3D model.
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