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Re: Once More, With Feeling: my big Buffy/Angel canon rewatch/reread/r

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You could argue that spikes attraction to buffy is there from the start, just check out him looking at her in the bronze.
I did argue that.

As for subtext, willow watches xena and wishes buffy would dress like her? Hmmmmm? Could will be gabby then? Note how she and Cordy end up 'in the closet' together at the end off school hard?
Ha, you're right that Willow watching Xena could be seen as a hint about her sexuality. I'm not sure about the Xena/Gabby part though, I don't think that Willow ever saw Buffy that way.

Did Nicky beg? In Damage we find out she did, at least in her mind. Maybe she did beg out loud but by the time spike told buffy the story in season 6 he decided to edit it to make himself look better?
I think the flashbacks in Fool for Love are supposed to be accurate. I'm not even sure if they're what Spike told Buffy. From the way he talked - "What can I tell you, I've always been bad" - trying to make himself look more badass, I always thought he didn't really tell her the story of his William days the way that we saw it. I think he told her something a bit different that would make him look cooler, and I don't think he told her that he was mocked or that Cecily rejected him and told him he was 'beneath' her. Spike was at that point still trying to sell the story of himself as a bad boy and the most badass vampire ever.
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my Buffy/Angel rewatch
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