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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

I tease. 150 mil is decent. Certainly realistic in this market. Yes I am biased to First Class, but what if The Wolverine makes as much money as Origins Wolverine yet is as critically and fan maligned as OW? Won't that seriously undo any good refreshing strides First Class has made? Won't all the people put in the door by First Class or the folks so tired of Wolverine be put off by the franchise's arbitrarily going back to him? Why should they do so? Because they can? To fix the mistakes of Origins? Because it will feasibly make money either way? I think First Class did both correct the errors of Wolverine so to speak and did still make money.

I know everyone is hoping for an X4 and I would rather see that than another Wolverine, but the longer time goes on, I think the odds are against X4. Ages, prices. What will the economy be like then? I think there has to be some realistic too lateness with 4. That would be like saying we're going to do some post Return of the Jedi films now. Sadly, not possible- again as I would much rather have had those than Episodes I-III. They should have been 1 three hour movie and First Class should have been two films.

However, necessity is the mother of invention, so with films being forced to be more creative with less money, maybe something good can happen. Like, they write a decent story or something, that is one the cheapest yet priceless things one can come by!

I have to finish She-Ra on the Instant Watch soon and get to the X-Men cartoon. As I recall, their Dark Phoenix story was better than The Last Stand! ;p
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