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Re: Enterprise-D 1:1 Scale model, with decks, in Sketchup

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It's been a long time since I looked at my copy of the Whitefire prints, but am I correct in assuming that his prints were of the "Encounter At Farpoint" 1701-D? Because if you recall, in the establishing shot of the 1701-D, in the start of the episode, we see the camera zoom in to where Picard is standing, in those forward rows of large windows, at the fore of the Shuttlebay/Bridge hump, on the saucer... and that room (the set) had the back wall of the Conference Room.
That was the conference room. The camera zooms in on the Enterprise's bow, then jumps to the rear of the conference room.
That room was a forward observation room of some kind. Yes, it was made from elements of the conference lounge, but I'm reasonably certain that it wasn't intended to be the conference lounge that we would come to know and love.

The camera zooms in on the bow of the ship, and then the image dissolves to a set of windows behind which Captain Picard is standing. The far wall doesn't have the trademark ship sculptures, and there is no reason to believe that we would be looking at a room whose windows face the back of the ship.
You're correct. The shot was CLEARLY intended to be a "zoom in" right onto Picard... a "transition" shot. The only reason it's not totally smooth is that this was done with optical effects... pre-CGI. The INTENT of the shot was absolutely clear, and it was really pretty effective.

"Here's the ship... and this guy is on the ship." The same as the opening shot from "The Cage," by the way... it's called an "establishing shot," in this case intended to connect the outside appearance of the ship to the actions happening inside, in the eyes of the audience.

The shot was really very effective. Why anyone would question either the actual on-screen presentation of the shot, or the intent of the shot, is a mystery to me.


That was odd... I saw that set of posts as "new" posts... for a moment. After I posted, the more recent ones showed up. Internet weirdness, I guess?


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