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Re: Vanguard: Declassified Review Thread

Now that my nook finally let me download it, I've now finished. It is, of course, excellent.

I particularly enjoyed the first story - Almost Tomorrow by Dayton Ward - I don't think I've ever read anything that felt so much like watching the pilot episode of a tv show. Everything in there was pitch-perfect. I even have to wonder whether it was written as the pitch, and this is what made Pocket decide to run with the series.

Hard News
by Kevin Dilmore has, of course, great stuff for one of my... well, I'd say he's one of my favorite Vanguard characters, but that doesn't narrow the field any. I love them all. Anyways, it's great stuff with Tim Pennington, though I somehow expected there to be more to the story with the junior reporter. I'm not sure what, honestly.

The Ruins of Noble Men by Marco Palmieri. I want more from Marco. ASAP.

And as for The Stars Look Down... well, as always, damn you, David Mack. Damn you.
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