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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Kegg wrote: View Post
Yara Greyjoy, eh?

I get Robin Arryn (between Robb Stark and Robert Baratheon there's a lot of Robs on this show), so I wonder why they changed Asha's name.
It has been suggested that the name change might be to avoid confusion with Osha.
superdeluxe wrote: View Post
Logan Kerr is (potentially) Mathos Mallarawen:
I had to google Mathos Mallarawan to find out who the hell that was. Even then I don't really remember him and I read these books earlier this year.

Hm. Frankly maybe it's just me but I got a vaguely Middle Eastern/Mediterranean vibe from Qarth, and as nice as it is to cast yet another Irish actor in Thrones, Logan doesn't fit that bill at all... but eh.
It would seem that my unfamiliarity with the books caused a bit of confusion. When I found the CV I looked on ASoIaF wiki for 'Mathos' and found a single character. It has since emerged that Mr. Logan isn't playing the thrice mentioned Mr. Mallarawan, it would seem that he's playing Matthos Seaworth.
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