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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

ahi there

I'm really not all THAT much a Trek fan. In my youth I recall seeing a few episodes of TOS of TNG from time to time. I saw First Contact in theaters with my uncle and my father when I was, like, seven years old hah... I never really got into it, though; I was a Star Wars Kid :<

Lately, though, I've been trying to get into it. I've watched about half of the first season of TOS, the first 6 or so of TNG (which I've liked a little bit more) and the fist episode of DS9. Other than the shows not really "clicking" for me, I watched the first four films over the past few days and enjoyed them a lot. Yes, even The Motion Picture (of which I saw the Director's Cut). So that has made me want to get more into it... and with these series having recently hit netflix, well, that's all the more reason to! I've always felt like it was something I should be into but just slipped past me when I was younger
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