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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

These are about the Voyager relaunch and Janeway...

1. Do you have a definite story-arc in mind for Afsarah Eden and will the character be "moved on" like Admiral Batiste at the end of the arc? I haven't finished Children of the Storm yet.

2. If alive, was there a way to naturally integrate Janeway into the Voyager relaunch at the start?

3. Do you think think the stories would have evolved the same way with Janeway at the center of the Voyager relaunch?

4. Do you think having Janeway at the center would've changed the work you've done to rehabilitate the background characters from the TV series?

5. If brought back, do you see a way to organically integrate Janeway into the current relaunch storyline?

Thanks again for breathing new life into a dead series. While I'm opposed to the concept, I would at least sample any book that brings back Janeway that has your name on the cover. Time to settle into my chair and read some more Children of the Storm.
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