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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

James Swallow wrote: View Post
Hey guys, just been listening to your show, and a thought occurs - it might be useful in your show notes to give timings for the points where each discussion subject kicks off, so folks who want to can go straight to a particular part of the show.

Also, regarding...
Nick M wrote: View Post
A discussion about S&S and their social media, that Pocket Books doesn't even register (meaning they have no Twitter stream for PB or it is so sparely followed)
Pocket Books does indeed has a Twitter stream (@Pocket_Books) with over 7,000 followers. It's also worth noting that Star Trek tie-ins are now printed under the Galley Books imprint, which has its own Twitter stream (@gallery_books) with just under 1,500 followers.

Incidentally, if you're promoting social media, a lot of us Trek authors also have Twitter feeds, as well...
Mr. Swallow,

Thank you, and that is definitely something we will incorporate into the notes.

We did find the Pocket Books information, we did not know about the Gallery Books! Thank you so much!

If you have Skype you are more than welcome to come on the show any time, and we will be discussing "Synthesis" in about two/three weeks....
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