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Re: Are there any deleted scenes in First Contact?

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I thought they filmed and cut a whole sequence with Cochran being chased by Riker and Geordie, then he falls off a cliff or something and is rescued by a hastily set up forcefield or some such... or is that just internet nonsense?
Wow. I don't recall that scene. I could swear there was another scene with Barclay on the Enterprise where he was running around and worried about the battle with The Borg in a true Barclay manner. Also, does anyone know where I can find the final script of First Contact. I've already read the earlier rough draft of First Contact, but i'd like to read the final script.
I remember Cochrane claiming that he had to take a leak ("Leak? I'm not detecting any leaks." ), during which he opted to run away. Riker and LaForge tracked him down and shot him with a phaser... I'll grant I haven't seen FC in forever, but I don't remember any cliffs or forcefields.
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