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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

Hey guys, just been listening to your show, and a thought occurs - it might be useful in your show notes to give timings for the points where each discussion subject kicks off, so folks who want to can go straight to a particular part of the show.

Also, regarding...
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A discussion about S&S and their social media, that Pocket Books doesn't even register (meaning they have no Twitter stream for PB or it is so sparely followed)
Pocket Books does indeed has a Twitter stream (@Pocket_Books) with over 7,000 followers. It's also worth noting that Star Trek tie-ins are now printed under the Galley Books imprint, which has its own Twitter stream (@gallery_books) with just under 1,500 followers.

Incidentally, if you're promoting social media, a lot of us Trek authors also have Twitter feeds, as well...

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