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Re: Questions for Bring Back Janeway Panel

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Kirsten, who will be on this panel? What is the name of the session? Just trying to clarify what context my question(s) should be framed in.
The only panelists participating will be me and Marco Palmieri, the editor who hired me to write Full Circle and Unworthy. (And that is assuming his schedule permits.) Otherwise, it will just be me.

The panel is called "Bring Back Janeway".

It is meant for those who have questions about the creation of the novels, Janeway's presence in them, or lack thereof, to ask anything they'd like on the topic. It is in no way limited only to those who would like to see Janeway return in the novels. Those who would prefer not to see Janeway return are also welcome to post questions.

The only thing I would ask that people avoid are questions that contain explicit story ideas. That's the only thing that will be off-limits.

Hope this helps.

Kirsten Beyer
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