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Re: Poll: Future of DS9 (unofficial fellow reader/writer opinions)

I definitely lean towards a 'Full Circle' type book for continuing the DS9 relaunch - though of course quality is more important than format, so if something else is done depicting the missing five years and is great I'd be happy. God, I miss Marco. You never truly appreciate someone until they're gone.

I feel bad for my girlfriend who's going through the DS9 relaunch right now and loves it - she just started Fearful Symetery so I'll have to break the news to her that the relaunch is on the backburner soon.

Though I don't know why, but I have a sneaking suspision that my fav Trek author, DRGIII, has some secret future DS9 project that will answer the relaunch's problems and is working on it now even as we speak...
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