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Re: Isaac Asimov?

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Whelan and Frazetta are my favorite sf/f artists as well... Though I do have a nostalgic fondness for the exceedingly-old-school covers they had in my youth:

This is the set that I have, too. I inherited it from my dad.

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This is one of the best covers of all time:
Ah, yes, Whelan's cover for the paperback edition of Foundation's Edge. Never did have any idea what the cover meant in relation to the novel's story. Doesn't stop me from loving it, though.
According to Whelan's site, Asimov said this about that cover: "It seems to me to be rather marvelous to be able to illustrate not a concrete scene but an abstract imponderable, and in such a way that it seems to brighten and deepen the book even to the writer himself."

The only problem I had with the cover is that it made me imagine a book so amazing and epic I don't think it could have been written.
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