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Re: June Contest Entry: "And Tomorrow I Shall Light the Flame"

Thanks for reading.

You're right that Berat had to tread very carefully, and there were points in that conversation where his temper almost got him and caused him to take the wrong actions. Despite his anger and sometimes pointed words, though, I do think he was aware of the need not to push Yejain TOO far. I don't think he wanted to destroy his relationship with his XO or do any damage, not in his heart of hearts.

But I'm glad you liked Berat's request to Yejain to let him know if he started to go too far. He doesn't want this to be just another dictatorial, top-down thing like is commonly seen in Cardassian society.

When it comes to individual, personal relationships, I think Berat is quite a bit less "dysfunctional," by Cardassian standards, than he is when it comes to the more distant parts of the hierarchy (upper leadership). He does still have a hierarchical instinct. His just isn't as dominating as the instincts of some, and he has been wounded in ways that diminish some of those instincts.
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