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^ Cool; thanks for the detailed reply. I started reading every new Trek book that came out in 2008, and I didn't want to break my run
No problem.

To be honest, I seriously considered not mentioning the EW at bits all in this book, but decided that would be cheating. But really all we're talking about is the occasional stray memory on Shaun's part.

"Mission Control hadn't been this tense since that day, years ago, when the Botany Bay launched . . . "
Well, "the DY-100". Only the people who were on it knew what it finally named. I realize that's pedantic and rather insulting to point out, but if I didn't and that line actually ended up in the book, I'd feel like a real dope a year from now or whenever when I read it.

Don't worry. That's not an actual line from the book. I just made that up as example of the way I've been dealing with EW references. There's a stray thought here and there, but nothing essential to the plot.

Shaun only knows that a DY-100 prototype went missing. Funny thing, it was about the same time that Khan Noonien Singh was overthrown . . . .
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