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This is one of the best covers of all time:
Ah, yes, Whelan's cover for the paperback edition of Foundation's Edge. Never did have any idea what the cover meant in relation to the novel's story. Doesn't stop me from loving it, though.

Symbolic...covers don't have to be specific scenes. It makes man and his works pale in comparison to time and the universe...evoking images of failed empires such as Rome.

Michael Whelan's Works Of Wonder is out of print, but I highly recommend tracking down a copy. It not only includes a ton of his cover art, but also an essay to go with each in which he explains his thought processes-- and the guy puts a lot of thought into his art. He explains all the symbolism of the Foundation covers, as well as the elements that tie them together. Great book (as is The Art Of Michael Whelan, also sadly out of print).
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