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Re: JD's Comic Book Thread

Way to be a contrarian... haha. But yeah, you're right with All-Star Superman. That's a bit of a hyperbole. But Grant Morrison does try to include a lot of forgotten aspects of the mythos, but that's always been his thing. That's what makes his Batman run so fantastic, because he is able to modernize the Silver Age camp and make it less campy and gaudy and in many ways make it cool. He did it with JLA by taking them back to the core of who they were, but at the same time bring in minor, non-franchise characters to fill out the roster and give them spotlight that they didn't get anywhere else (That was one of the premiere goals of team books back in the day). He even did it with X-Men really popping out the whole angle of a school and the whole hated and feared thing. He also brought in elements of the Phoenix and Days of Future Passed and told an extremely modern Mutant Schism story.

So yeah and if you want to read summations of entire characters, go read Morrison's work on anything.

And as for Gunfire... let's just say most characters below the D-List are there for a reason.
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