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Re: JD's Comic Book Thread

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If you're looking for a Superman story, look no further than All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly. While it's a wee bit dense in parts and really utilizes all aspects of Superman's mythology (even parts some would rather forget), I have never read a more perfect Superman story and in many ways, I don't think I ever need to read another Superman story (but I will break that in September when he starts on Action Comics!).
I dunno if I'd say all. He hits most of the important notes, but Supergirl and the Legion are (purposely, and with arguably good reason) completely ignored, possibly to the extent that they never existed in that universe.

Also, are there any characters you're especially interested in. I am fond of the statement that there're no bad characters, just bad stories (and the converse).
I raise you Gunfire.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with anything, but JD's avatar reminds me of the Noozles, which was as near as I can recall a fantastic program. I think it was about an alternate universe where koalas were the dominant species, and humans lived in zoos.

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