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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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If that were the case, why bother with the organic component at all? Seems like it is more of a problem than a help.
Because then they wouldn't be Borg.

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In "Drone," those were nanoprobes from the future, where the Borg may very well have evolved into more mechanical beings.
Nope, they were Seven's present-day nanites. All the future stuff was harvested or extrapolated from the emitter. me, the Borg are defined by a homeostasis between the organic and synthetic enhanced by the assimilation newly discovered species and their technology.

Independent of any organic component the Nanoprobes created an incubation/maturation chamber out of the mobile emitter and the compartment on Voyager. To me, this canonically demonstrates that the Borg Tech can operate independent of an organic component, but with an imperative to re-incorporate the organic (seeking homeostasis).

To a certain extent, I also think this follows to First Contact. When the Borg captured Data they attempted to assimilate him by adding organic components to him.
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