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Re: Star Trek TV Series To 3-D - CBS possible Conversion

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Since there's been a lot of talk this early Summer about TNG-Remastered and CBS Television has already been mentioned as looking into converting TNG to 3-D today it was in the news that

According to DDD president and CEO Chris Yewdall, the company is able to convert 2D video into 3D for $10,000 per hour of content using a combination of an automated process with a human stereoscopic engineer.
The broadcast network is considering a strategy to gain distribution for the 3D channel through its retransmission-consent negotiations with cable, satellite and telco TV operators, according to one source.

However, another executive familiar with CBS's 3D tests said the network has not made a definitive decision on whether to move forward. "It is all very preliminary," this source said. "There are no solid plans to launch a network."
While nothing certain the fact that CBS owns star trek this would be an ideal place to launch a new trek series in 3-D say in 2016.
CBS Testing Waters For 3D Cable Net: Sources
Broadcaster Has Shown Private Demos of 2D-to-3D Converted Material

If they are testing new 2010s TV series for 3-D conversion or possibly older properties such as TNG-R that would be required to be retelecine'd to HD and go through the entire post process it is possible although a lot more investment on CBS's behalf for the new visual FX they would have to create in 3-D.

I still think if the next Trek on TV were animated 3-D would really make it better.

As far as their other high rated properties in the last 10 years:
Only season 1 of CSI was released on Blu-ray. It's possible CSI was selected as a possible 3-D conversion series and that's why they have held off on releasing the older seasons on Blu-ray for 2 years now.
Once new FX are being done in CGI, it would not cost that much more to render them in 3D. Just a second render pass from a different camera location.

Of course converting the filmed live action footage will be much more difficult. I wonder if this technology they claim to have is any good or if we're talking Clash of the Titans issues.

Either way, it's possible that the 3D channel is putting up money to convert shows and that is being used to fund TNG-R the same way HD-DVD was used to fund TOS-R.
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