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Well I am on the server, tonight I will make my homestead look a lot better, right now it a place of safety, but ugly as sin.
Yay, fresh mea...errr....welcome to our world.

If you need anything, feel free to check out the Public Works building in town. Or just ask in chat.
Thanks, Smooth has showed me around the server, and now am building out near Smooth's place, built a bridge to my place, interconnected to my ugly homestead (Which will be torn down soon, will make that small island into a garden or something. and started a cliff-side house. also have tons of unclaimed land to play with

Actually the bridge-works is large for a few hours of work. But now I need to get back mining as I low on material.
In the Marmalade forest (forest), between the make believe trees, in a cottage cheese cottage! Lives Albie, (Albie,) Albie, (Albie,) Albie the Racist Dragon...
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