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Re: June Contest Entry: "And Tomorrow I Shall Light the Flame"

I always enjoy your handling of Cardassian authority and power relations, and your concept of their hierarchial instinct, both as it describes the behaviour of the species in its entirety and how it informs the oulook of different individuals. It's a really fascinating psychology, and the fact that different Cardassian characters are made compelling and unique through it really justifies the thinking behind it. Berat's having to tread very carefully here, and he's certainly living up to his own ideals, the understanding that the hierarchy consists of responsibilities running in more than one direction. He has to tell Yejain what he requires and what he requests, without pushing too hard against the other man's more rigid perspectives and constructs. Finding that balance is difficult, and I note how Berat's final comment places responsibility on Yerain in the form of personal authority exactly corresponding to that double-way concept of the hierarchy Berat promotes - Yerain is being granted (or Berat is acknowledging that he has) authority in his dealing with the Gul - not the authority of the superior but of the inferior, to bring a useful perspective to the superior that he may lack. And in turn the superior has a responsibility to take that perspective into consideration. So Berat's speech reinforces the hierarchy (no doubt helping Yerain relax a little, emphasizing for him that, yes, it's still there and Berat is still operating along a "non-defective" Cardassian mindset) while also putting into practice the particular concept Berat has of how it should work. So Berat both reinforces his argument and demonstrates he practices what he preaches while also placing responsibility on Yerain and emphasizing the power structure Yerain needs to see reinforced. Most effective.

On a personal level, I particularly enjoyed this exchange because while I'm definitely more a Berat than a Yerain (so to speak), I also edge towards your cirdasubtlbre in my desire to find worthy leadership to which personal loyalty can be welded. So I could see part of myself in Yerain as well as in Berat.
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