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Re: Ron Thornton Interview

Oh. Strange it was working about 10 minutes before I uploaded the pages. Just checked the whole site is down rather than just that screen. It’ will probably pop back up again soon enough.

Yeah, I was surprised Chris sent the Minbari texture map down that was used in LoTR and TLT, but he had no use for it. ; )

The rant. Ohhhhh (sigh). I’ve converted the first 7 or 8 pages over to the current format (it was written a while ago) – but it’s probably best to read the whole thing as they sort of link together – and depending on your viewpoint, it’s . . . . . . . well, it’s a rant. ; ) I’ve uploaded the first screens for it, the links and credits, more for place holders.

That’s the meshweaver site back up.!!!?

BTW. If you do notice anything screwy like that let me know, I keep finding little errors all over the place.
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