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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

My handle is HaventGotALife, in reference to Shatner's '86 appearance on SNL. Star Trek was a part of my life before I knew what it was or could remember anything. My first memory is of watching Best of Both Worlds, I when it re-aired just before the 4th season premiere in 1989. I was a fanboy in my tweens and teens. My interest waned after DS9 went off the air and I came back to the fold in the lead-up to the re-boot movie. I registered here because of a poster on Star said this was a good site.

I like TNG because it carries the essence of Trek. Exploration of the unknown without interfering in the culture, exploring our humanity, and our place in the universe. My favorite seasons are 1-5. The writing and performances are usually very good. Six and seven have a different energy and aren't as good in my estimation.

My favorite TNG character is probably Data. He asks the important questions even if there aren't any good answers for him. He quests to grow and learn and I think that's something we should all emulate.
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