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I'm not sure I understand the whole 'Creative' or 'Survival' mode thing. Does than mean we can either build stuff, or go exploring, meet NPC's, and fight monsters, but not both at once? I's confused.
I'm not sure, but I think he means that there will be a new mode that acts like the old creative mode, but updated to include all the current blocks and features, so you can just build stuff without having to mine or craft.

The logo for the adventure update looks cool, and it seems like it's going to be the biggest single update so far. Jeb also mentioned on his twitter today that they plan to increase the size of biomes. The problem is that it's going to replace the current biome data so already existing areas are likely to undergo extreme climate change. It will be fairly annoying if my town turns from a temperate zone into a snow biome, especially since the ice will make my three docks in the area useless. Still, that's a price I'm willing to pay for bigger biomes.
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