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Re: Star Trek TV Series To 3-D - CBS possible Conversion

Since there's been a lot of talk this early Summer about TNG-Remastered and CBS Television has already been mentioned as looking into converting TNG to 3-D today it was in the news that

According to DDD president and CEO Chris Yewdall, the company is able to convert 2D video into 3D for $10,000 per hour of content using a combination of an automated process with a human stereoscopic engineer.
CBS may be bringing 3D versions of its shows to a 24-hour cable network, and it has already demonstrated 2D-to-3D converted programming privately to several operators, according to industry sources familiar with the project.
The broadcast network is considering a strategy to gain distribution for the 3D channel through its retransmission-consent negotiations with cable, satellite and telco TV operators, according to one source.

However, another executive familiar with CBS's 3D tests said the network has not made a definitive decision on whether to move forward. "It is all very preliminary," this source said. "There are no solid plans to launch a network."
While nothing certain the fact that CBS owns star trek this would be an ideal place to launch a new trek series in 3-D say in 2016.
CBS Testing Waters For 3D Cable Net: Sources
Broadcaster Has Shown Private Demos of 2D-to-3D Converted Material

If they are testing new 2010s TV series for 3-D conversion or possibly older properties such as TNG-R that would be required to be retelecine'd to HD and go through the entire post process it is possible although a lot more investment on CBS's behalf for the new visual FX they would have to create in 3-D.

I still think if the next Trek on TV were animated 3-D would really make it better.

As far as their other high rated properties in the last 10 years:
Only season 1 of CSI was released on Blu-ray. It's possible CSI was selected as a possible 3-D conversion series and that's why they have held off on releasing the older seasons on Blu-ray for 2 years now.
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