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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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If that were the case, why bother with the organic component at all? Seems like it is more of a problem than a help.
I don't know why you'd draw that conclusion. Even the mutated technology in BD still needed to assimilate organic bodies to function at full capacity. It's simply a variation on the same theme. The Borg are and have always been a hybrid of the organic and the technological. Their whole mentality is one of collectivization and assimilation. They wouldn't think to pose the question in those terms, either organic or technological, one or the other in opposition. It's their fundamental nature as a species to think in terms of unifying different things into a homogeneous whole. Where you see an option of organics or technology, they would be incapable of conceiving the or and would only see it as an and. Both organics and technology have potentials and benefits, and it's the Borg's fundamental drive to assimilate anything that can be of use to them. It would never occur to them to reject one option in favor of the other; they want it all.

And I didn't think that the Queen's little naked head in "First Contact" offered much of a threat without the organic component--it was probably screaming for a body to restore it.
Huh? I think you have it backward. The head was the only organic part. The body seemed to be purely cybernetic; in Voyager ("Dark Frontier," I think), we saw it assembled from distinct parts.

Besides, that head is not the Borg Queen. The Borg Queen is a software protocol that pervades and coordinates the entire collective. The physical body and brain of the Queen is merely its current server. When one "Queen" drone is destroyed, the software (Royal Protocol) is downloaded into another suitably prepared drone/server, which becomes the new "Queen." This is how Queens keep coming back after being destroyed. (It's possible that the Collective keeps a stock of clones of a couple of particular drone genomes that are known to be suited for running the Royal Protocol, one that resembles Alice Krige and one that resembles Susanna Thompson.)
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