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Re: Robert e Howard,Edgar rice Burroughs & H.P.lovecraft comics & book

okay I picked up a book on my nook called the complete H.P. Lovecraft collection this is what's in it:

1) a reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson
2) at the mountin of madness
3) azathoth
4) Beyond the wall of sleep
5) celephais
6) collapsing cosmoses
7) cool air
8) dagon
9) ex oblivione
10) facts concerning the late arthur jermyn and his family
11) from beyond
12) he
13) Herbert west - reanimator
14) hypnos
15) Ibid
16) in the vault
17) in the walls of Eryx
18) medusa's coil
19) nyarlathotep
20) old bugs
21) out of the aeons
22) pickman's model
23) poetry and the gods
24) polaris
25) the alchemist
26) the beast in the cave
27) the book
28) the call of cthulhu
29) the case of dexter ward
30) the cats of ulthar
31) the colour out of space
32) the curse of yig
33) the descendant
34) the diary of alonzo typer
35) the disinterment
36) the doom that came to sarnath
37) the dream - quest of unknown kadath
38) the dunwich horror
39) the electric executioner
40) the evil clergyman
41) the festival
42) the haunter of the dark
43) the history of the necronomicon
44) the hoard of the wizard - beast
45) the horror at red hook
46) the horror in the burying ground
47) the horror in the museum
48) the hound
49) the last test
50) the little glass bottle
51) the lurking fear
52) the man of stone
53) the moon - bog
54) the mound
55) the music of erich zann
56) the mystery of the grave - yard or a dead man's revenge
57) the nameless city
58) the night ocean
59) the other gods
60) the outsider
61) the picture in the house
62) the quest of iranon
63) the rats in the walls
64) the secret cave
65) the shadow out of time
66) the shadow over innsmouth
67) the shunned house
68) the slaying of the monster
69) the statement of randolph carter
70) the strange high house in the mist
71) the street
72) the temple
73) the terrible old man
74) the thing on the doorstep
75) the tomb
76) the transition of juan romero
77) the trap
78) the tree on the hill
79) the tree
80) the unnamable
81) the very old folk
82) the whisperer in the darkness
83) the white ship
84) through the gates of the silver key
85) till a' the seas
86) two black bottoles
87) under the pyramids
88) what the moon brings
89) winged death


1) at the root
2) cats and dogs
3) metrical regularity
4) notes on writing weird fiction
5) supernatural Horror in Literature
6) the Despised pastoral

over 6004 pages of lovecraft if I am missing anything let me know. thanks.

All so does anyone know if marvel did any edgar rice burroughs mars series?
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