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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

I just realized I never actually wrote a more in depth review of this one, and because of it's more controversial nature I've been meaning to do a more in depth review than, yeah I liked it.
Ok first off, I really liked all of the aspects of this book. Sisko and Spock are two of my favorite characters and I thought DRGIII did a great job with both characters. First the Spock/Romulus story was great, although I will admit I didn't expect them to actually tie up the Donatra vs. Tel'Aura storyline so soon. I was really enjoying the story of the two competing Romulan governments and I had hoped that this would be a permanent or at least more long term thing. Now saying that I thought the way that it's end was brought about was very interesting, I might have expected both of them to end up dieing, but definitely not both. I loved the stuff with the Tzenkethi and all of their plotting. I especially got a kick out of the way that they use all four walls of rooms, I'd never come across something like that before. I'm very curious where things are going for the Reunification Movement in the future, and I really hope we get a follow up soon.
Now for the fun part, the Sisko storyline. I know this part has been highly controversial, but I had no issues with it. Alot of people are accusing Sisko of being a dead beat dad or running away from his family, and that this goes against his characterization on the show and I have to disagree on both points. In Sisko's mind he did what he did to protect his family, which is very much in character for him. At the time that the book alot of bad things have begun to happen to Sisko and those closest to him, and this is causing him to look back on the warning The Prophets gave him before he married Kasidy and reevalute his opinion of it. He becomes convinced at this point that the Prophets were right, and so thinking that something even worse could happen he leaves, which does make perfect sense to me. He did this to protect his wife and children, and since we know Sisko is very much a family man this makes perfect sense to me. We've seen over the years how strongly he cares about his family and that he would never purposefully put them in danger. So when he becomes convinced that he is a danger to his family he leaves. Now, I'm not necisarrily saying he's right, we can tell that he has been hit hard by alot of the bad things that have happened to him over the last few years, so he's probably not thinking straight. But we can tell from his attitude throughoutt the story that he is not doing because he wants to, but because he feels that he has to. In fact, I'd say that he hates doing it.
The only real problem I do have with the book is the disconnect between the two stories, and the flashbacks. Usually when you have a book with multiple storylines like this there is some kind of connection, but other than the scene where Sisko meets with Donatra I didn't really notice one in this case. And that scene actually seemed rather disconnected from the rest of Sisko's story.
My rating 8.5/10/Above Average
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