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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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They keep what they do really simple, and they do it well.

I tried Fuddruckers in Silver Spring again this afternoon and had a better experience than my last - I just ordered a basic burger with bleu cheese on it, and it was fine.

I dislike not being able to get a smaller burger than 1/3 pound, though - time was when a so-called "quarter pounder" was considered a large sandwich. On the rare occasions that I do a fast food stop at McDonalds I go for the basic $1.00 cheeseburger - at my age, consuming a ridiculous amount of ground beef at a sitting is too much an invitation to fat and cholesterol problems. When I choose to overindulge I'll go for steak, thanks.

Nowhere that I'm aware of in this part of the country can you get a slice of avocado on a burger. Guacamole, yeah, but that's not the same thing at all.
Your choice of overindulgenge is right after my heart. Mesquite grilled well done Ribeyes and loaded baked potatos are bread and butter for emotional fuzzy's. I'm glad you liked your recent trip to Fudd's. When we were on our mini vacation last week we got to try Smash Burger across form Fudd's in Tulsa. Thought it was okay, but loved their signature fries. The ones with Tyme and Rosemary. One of the better fries I've tried in a long time. I've noticed recently there's a lot of Glacamole burgers springing up on people's menus out here. Maybe if there is a Sonic near you they might satisfy that craving. I think I saw on one their menu recently.

Just saw this on Facebook. It looks like the 5 Guys in Moore that we ate at took at hit....someone drove through the front window....,2950430.story
If Fan films put out shit then they need to own up and fix it when they ask what do we think. No tantrums, lashing out or playing wounded. If not they have no business trying to entertain if they reject all constructive non ass kissing input. - Me
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