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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

I'm actually skim-re-reading BD now, and I have to say I'd be quite curious to hear PD's own thoughts on it. His somewhat eccentric style of writing with regards to Trek is nothing new, it just reaches a new level in this book. As of page 183 though, nothing particularly outrageous has happened, and that's almost half of it. Obviously the Pluto thing is a bit OTT, but that may have been the point. Personally I find it tiresome when readers critique writing for being ludicrous or such without allowing for the possibility that that may have been the author's intention. Granted it's not (nor should it be) everyone's cup of tea, but just because one finds an author's style isn't to their liking doesn't make it a bad book.

Unfortunately, I think a number of readers can't see past the death of Janeway to critique the book on any other level.

I had a lot of problems with one of the Titan books...I think it was Sword of Damocles...because the author's style wasn't what I was used to in a Trek book. I doubt I'll go back to it as a consequence, but I can appreciate that the author was writing the book they wanted to write. Just because I didn't like their style doesn't mean it's a "bad" book; it just means it wasn't what I was looking for.

It's ironic that people can read novels about a series that preached IDIC, but then dismiss anything they don't like as being "bad" rather than "different" or "not really what I was hoping for".

So yeah, shame we don't have PD's take on his book; I'd be curious to hear his thoughts on what he was going for and what he thinks of the final product.
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