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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

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I'm a bit disappointed that it wasn't depicted that way in the series. The borg ships should've been just as dangerous as the drones to an away team instead of just sitting there letting strange little creatures prance around their hallways and shoot out their nodes. Heck, the ships should've been considerably more dangerous than the drones. Prehensile hoses and robot arms snaring people and holding them in place like flypaper, hallways moving and reconfiguring themselves at the drop of a hat, grey-goo puddles of nanites flooding sections that were boarded or damaged like antibodies and assimilating anything that wasn't already part of the ship.
We did see a hint of that in "Q Who," the FX shot of the cube's damaged section beginning to repair itself, but that was never followed up on due to budget limitations.
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