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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

Well, I have finished Before Dishonour, and while my opinion remains unchanged(in short: ewwwwwwwwgetitoffgetitoff), I've resolved to continue on. If I'm really honest, the cringeworthy moments in BD were simply the icing on the cake, I was pulling a Spockbrow the moment the Cube sucked Janeway into a wall, and the first time I put the book down and said "WTF is this" to myself was when the author decided that a sentient Borg cube was a good idea. Especially considering that the excuse for that particular foolishness was so nonsensical it actually felt out of place in Star Trek, a universe famous for nonsensical technobabble.

I hadn't made the connection with Q-Squared, and to be honest I'm astounded that the same author is responsible for both books; was he struck on the head repeatedly in the interim years? :P

So, up next; Greater Than The Sum, and I can only hope I'll no have to force myself to read to the end of this one
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