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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

It was more like a character development episode. Showing who stands where and preparing ground for new plots.

The characters seemed consistent and as they should be, no one felt out-of-character. What I miss is their seeing thoughts, something that is shown in a story-like narration, but since we can't really see what characters think on the screen either, lack of that detail makes sense in a script. Like I said, the format takes some time to get used to, but as I read I was forgetting about the format and concentrating on the plot.

And how often do you want new installments?
It really depends on you. The story reads fast and if I had more time, I'd read it within two-three hours. Now, when I should have a bit more time, I can read some more.

So whenever you post next episodes, I am ready I don't know about the others, tough.

I'm especially curious about Taran'atar's reaction to the Founders' decision to abandon everything and leave

Oh, which reminded me. I think it would make more sense if Glessin were furious about Jem'Hadar slaughter of Cardassia Prime and Lakarian City than the Obsidian Order fleet. Not only this was more recent, but also way worse. Before he explained I was sure that was the reason of his hatred.
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