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Re: Before Dishonour....seriously?!

This really is a terrible, terrible book.

I more or less enjoyed the rest of the post-Nemesis' TNG stuff (particularly "Death In Winter" and "Greater Than The Sum"), though was annoyed at the dependence on the Borg.

But "Before Dishonour"... eessh. It was painful. When you get lines like "Geordi had never noticed how much the computer voice sounded like Lwaxana TroI" (NUDGE, NUDGE, WINK, WINK READERS, AREN'T I THE FUNNIEZ!?!) you start to lose the will to live.

He was never my favourite Trek author, but I enjoyed David's early 1990s work. Unfortunately, since somebody obviously stroked his ego and told him the "New Frontier" books were actually good (with a superhero captain who can jump impossible heights and may as well be called Superman; and hey, even Picard swoons when he meets him!), David's output has been dreadful, culminating in this atrocity to Trek lit.

I'm on book 2 of "Destiny" though, and am enjoying it. Not in the same (horrific) league as "Before Dishonour". In fact, "Before Dishonour" is in its very own league because there are, quite simply, no other Trek books as bad. *

* Possible slight over-reaction, but do you get that I don't like this book? :-)
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