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Re: Blurb for What Judgments Come

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Hopefully there will be no new series for a while. There's already:
  1. Enterprise Relaunch
  2. 5 Year Mission TOS
  3. Other TOS
  4. The Lost Era related stories
  5. TNG Relaunch
  6. DS9 Relaunch
  7. VOY Relaunch
  8. New Frontier
  9. Titan
  10. the 4 "dead" series: Challenger
  11. Stargazer
  12. SCE
  13. and IKS Gorkon,
  14. and the kinda series "Excelsior"
  15. "Aventine"
  16. and "DTI"
It would be good to just focus on those for a while, right?
Don't forget the Mirror Universe.

I think Aventine can fit into a where-are-they-now DS9 diaspora, along with Sisko on the Robinson, O'Brien on Cardassia, and Odo in the Gamma Quadrant.
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