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Hey thought I'd post an update - I got some new equipment today.

Well I was irritated because the Valeo weight belt I ordered from amazon, it didn't have a sizing chart so I just took a guess and got Large and the Large is just slightly too big for me. There's a sizing chart on the label ON the weightbelt, but obviously I already have it so it's too late! It's just slightly too big, I might just drill some extra holes.

Second item was wrist straps. This is something I've been considering for some time, I think I may've even asked around here what they were for and if they were different than gloves with wrist support. Obviously they are.

I got em primarily because I could tell that I was stuck on deadlift and single arm row by how much weight I could grip. So my first experience with wrist straps was interesting. The ones I got were cheap - $5 on amazon. They seem well made enough for the price but I sense they may come apart in a few months and require replacing. However, I'm going to have my GF go over the seams and reinforce them so that might make them last longer.

In terms of use, it took looking up a YT video and a lot of trial and error to finally figure out the right way to wrap it to get the desired effect - relieving the hands from having to grip the weight by essentially being able to lift with the wrist as an anchor. I could see how you could injure your wrist if you saturation trained with these, I mean after about 3 sets at total max weight, your wrists are sore - but that's understandable.

The second thing is that maybe I just haven't figured out the trick yet but getting the ideal wrap with BOTH HANDS on a bar, like for deadlift, is pretty tricky. It's kind of a two-handed affair, IMO. It worked brilliantly for single arm row. I took my single arm row max from being able to do the 80 lb DB and having to stop every rep to set the DB down to rest my fingers, to doing 100's today... and conceivably if my gym had them I could probably have done 105's, and I could see myself pushing to 110's. So that was a huge improvement.

The deal is you gotta wrap em a certain way (it's hard to explain in words you really just gotta play around with it) so that you don't even have to grip it to hold the starps tight. It's not a knot but it's related. Anyway if you do it right, the pressure exerted just by squeezing your hand tight to your comfort level will hold the strap taut against the bar and essentially turn your wrist into one frictionless anchor for the entire arm. Works wonders for putting the weight on your back and not your hand in a workout like row.

I also had some problems in that I have rather small hands and the nature of the wrap is that it wraps around the bar of course, well so the diameter of the object you need to wrap your fingers around gets a little bigger - You may not have to hold on as tight but you have a larger thing to hold onto. I think I found the ideal cross-over way to wrap it so that u get optimum tightness without having to do multiple layers of wrap over the same location (that made it impossible to grip, just too thick). In fact if you do it right, once you finish your set, you actually find that you can't just pull your hand loose, the wrap is so tight you have to lean down with your free hand and remove it.
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